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"I struggled for years with suicidal depression and anxiety as well as physical illness, until I began applying this work. I'm now free from the grip of depression and anxiety, off medications, and am assisting others in also becoming free from physical and mental illness!"

-Alisha Kapani

As a highly conscious physician who has come through my own path of awakening, I've assisted so many in doing the same.

Alisha Kapani is a long time client, student, friend, member of my team and veteran of this work. You may have reached out to support and had her guide you through this work.

Recently I interviewed Alisha about she finally healed her severe depression & suicidal thoughts after spending thousands on therapy & all the medications failed. The interview can be found HERE.

From that sharing came an influx of individuals wanting to receive personal assistance with Alisha for how they could overcome roadblocks they've been facing with applying this work.

We created an opportunity for you to work with her in a private session.

About Alisha Kapani
Alisha is highly empathic and found this work after searching for relief from illness and suicidal depression. When we met at one of my group retreats she informed me she had gotten off anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications as a result of this work. We worked together more privately and later she became a member of my team.

She has moved beyond physical illnesses like reflux disease, family and relationship challenges, and being very sensitive to others' energies. Alisha is a loving, caring, and deeply compassionate person and you will feel the love and lightness when working with her!
We've also put together a FREE Mini-Workshop where Alisha shares tools and insights for optimizing healing for those who are looking to heal from severe chronic illness.

You'll get help with your current struggles and expand into new possibilities.

Thank you so much Alisha. I knew from the second Dr. Kim sent the mentor email that it was a hell yes, and I’m so glad I met with you. You are in such a high vibration, just by being in your virtual presence alone I felt an instant shift, not to mention all the tools that so resonated with me. You tuned right into what I was experiencing and something really just "clicked" for me in our session. I can’t thank you enough.

- Cassandra Kolstad
I recently had a session with Alisha. I loved connecting with someone who gets it and lives it. She really does know what you’re going through and can totally relate. She opened my eyes to many things I had closed myself off from receiving. That session was a true gift.

I would just highly recommend getting a session with a mentor. I feel it is immensely helpful (for me anyway) to talk to someone one on one while trying to release old belief systems and stuck energy. Especially someone who loves and lives the work and knows what you’re going through! I don’t have anyone I can talk to who really understands and that can be frustrating. Even the smallest shift in perspective and knowing you are supported and understood can be so liberating!

- Melissa Wilcox

Once I heard Alisha's story, it was as if she was describing me and I felt an immediate connection to her. Alisha has been a true blessing for me. She has helped me integrate Dr. Kim's work on a much deeper level. Out of working with her, I developed a new sense of awareness with my own inner guidance. I used to let the mind choose for me instead of following my own awareness. I did not follow my inner guidance because I didn't have a strong connection to it, and if I did, I did not trust it because I felt unworthy. Now, I am more clear and I have a sense of knowing that it is unique and new. This new way of living has been a game changer because I am now following that guidance with conviction and trust. I feel much better about my life and I no longer have suicidal thoughts. I still have things to move through, but I feel empowered and I am now choosing what works for me and what serves me in the highest!!! I know this level of awareness is going to continue to bring more for me in ways that I can't yet perceive. I love this work so much and I am so grateful to Alisha for her journey and for guiding me and for bringing me closer to the real me.

- Christina Baldwin
I had the great fortune to have a session with Alisha and it was awesome! She was so gentle and supportive, she made me feel at ease immediately, and she was able to really pinpoint a big program for me. She is a beautiful light to work with and I am so grateful that I had that opportunity. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend doing a session with her.

- Liesel Fedkenheuer

I can confidently say working with Alisha drastically changed my mindset and allowed me to see a new path, completely transforming my life. Her guidance and support was a key factor in helping me heal my physical body, as well as my spirit. In turn, I was able to quit my mundane job and pursue a life of joy and excitement. I would recommend her to anyone looking to grow internally and externally!

-Jordan Roberts

In my 3-month integration with Alisha I processed a lot of subconscious blocks that were ready to be released. The big one was emotional extortion and emotionality vs unconditional love, love in its state. She mentored me through layers of emotional energies, anger and victim consciousness. Alisha shifted me through and out of the mind and victim consciousness from the first session and could read into the subleties of how I felt quickly. I no longer have migraines or food allergies. Her energy is fresh and light. I felt her empathy and ability to reflect back to me the truth, the energy, rather than the lies that my mind was buying into.

-Parika Pathak

I would like to take a few minutes to share what is happening in my life and those around me since my daughter had a one on one session with Alisha. I would like to first say THANK YOU to Alisha as she follows her knowing so beautifully, she is a true gift to us all! Without going into detail, as my daughter's story is not mine to share, I asked Alisha if she would be open to a session with my daughter on February 10th. They had an hour session together, which I was then able to view afterward. Alisha's ability to reach inside and see my child brought out so much in me when viewing it. My daughter was open to the session, but I wanted it more than she did, and Alisha could see that during their time together. One thing that Alisha said directly to me during the session was that clearing my energy will also clear my childs. I truly embraced this and have seen dramatic results in my family just since really working on ME. My daughter has said to me how FREE she is beginning to feel lately, she's done things for herself and in a capacity, she was once afraid to. She has no idea why this is happening, but she FEELS it. She has been able to bring forth past traumas openly and share her emotions freely without judgment from me, which allows her to open more freely. My husband is also opening in a way I have never experienced before and it is truly because I am allowing myself to be seen by ME for the first time in my life. I have prayed for THIS exact blessing, unconditional love and freedom!

Our home feels more light and I see each of us working on ourselves because we now feel open to do so. I am not saying this is easy, I have felt more pain and emotions than I have in many months, but I welcome this all, knowing it is my higher calling and that I have everything I need right here and right now. I am learning SO MUCH about myself and using Ho' Oponopono most of the day to help with allowing the emotions to be seen. If I could give any advice at this point in my journey I would say just keep loving yourself and allowing yourself to be seen, and it will begin to shift not only you, but those around you as well."

-Julie Spoering

Work With Alisha

We've created a way for Alisha to assist you privately. Here's what you can expect:

  • LIVE private 1-hour video session with Alisha (able to be recorded for future use)

  • Prescriptive tools to resolve blocks and connect more deeply to healing within

  • Receive clarity and awareness of what's really holding you back and move beyond it

  • Follow up email for review 1-2 weeks after your call

  • BONUS AUDIO: Guided Light/Heavy Exercise to connect within and get clarity on your wisdom


3 Month Integration:

  • Includes 6 (1-hour video sessions) with Alisha (able to be recorded for future use)

  • Weekly email check-ins

  • Dr. Kim's Radical Health videos to use anytime you need


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